The EMRE team believes in collaborating with our partners, including non-profit organisations, to provide holistic services to our clients who require legal assistance.


We also give talks on topics ranging from estate planning to divorce-related issues as raising awareness and educating the man on the streets is crucial to safeguard an individual’s interests, before they find themselves in the midst of a legal battle.

For non-profit organisations / social workers
  • At EMRE Legal, we believe that financial circumstances should not prevent an individual from seeking legal advice and guidance. We encourage self-help for individuals by offering guidance with costs only to assist in more complex legal advice or drafting of legal documents.


  • There are options of fixed fees and up to 3 instalments for the payment of our fees. We will also highlight any legal schemes available to your beneficiary and where your beneficiary is not qualified due to his/her means test, our professional fees can be adjusted upon recommendation by a social worker.


  • In the event your social worker / beneficiary wishes to consult a lawyer to provide legal assistance, you may reach out to us by submitting the enquiry form below.
For financial consultants and other professionals
  • The EMRE team partners with financial consultants and professionals to provide legal assistance for their clients.


  • As financial planning and estate planning are both equally important in ensuring an individual’s estate and legacy are protected for their loved ones, speak to us to find out how we can work together to provide holistic services for your clients.
For talks, workshops, and training

The EMRE team often conducts talks to raise awareness on topics such as:


  • Estate Planning (e.g. Wills and LPAs, the role of testamentary trust, the importance of planning and safeguarding your wealth)
  • ⁠Divorce (e.g. maintenance, custody, care and control, domestic violence)
  • ⁠Deputyship (the role and responsibilities of Deputies and Professional Deputies)


We have also conducted workshops to:


  • Guide laypersons on filing Deputy applications using the Integrated Family Application Management System (iFAMS); and
  • ⁠Share with medical doctors pointers on the preparation of medical reports or assessment of mental capacity for Court use.
  • ⁠Equip social workers with knowledge to identify the red flags in family disputes (e.g. domestic violence, harassment) and essential information for clients to self-help or take basic steps to mitigate the impact pending legal advice.


The topics can be curated to cater to your organisation’s needs. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our sharing sessions.