Low Seow Ling

Position: Managing Director

In legal practice since 2013, Seow Ling is especially interested in formulating sustainable estate planning solutions for singles, families with special needs members, and elderly individuals. She is passionate about representing the interests of individuals who do not have family members to rely on as their proxy decision makers, and working with families that require professional assistance to handle the assets of their loved ones. To better support these groups, Seow Ling was among the first professionals registered under the Professional Deputy and Donee Scheme in 2018.

Familiar with the intricacies and sensitivity of family disputes, Seow Ling has also handled cases involving contested estate, mental capacity, divorce and child custody matters. She is an Accredited Mediator and Certified Family Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre. She strongly believes that better outcomes can be achieved through mediation, by facilitating communication and exploring parties’ interests to reach amicable and workable resolutions.

Fluent in Mandarin, Seow Ling has been invited by various organisations, including SPED schools, the Special Needs Trust Company Limited and the Central Provident Fund Board to share her knowledge and experience on estate planning in Mandarin.


  • Accredited Mediator, Singapore Mediation Centre
  • Family Certified Mediator, Singapore Mediation Centre
  • Associate Mediator, Law Society Mediation Scheme Panel of Mediators
  • Member, Law Society of Singapore Probate Practice Committee
  • Assigned Solicitor, Legal Aid Bureau