Our Ms Low Seow Ling receives commendation from the Judiciary

Heartiest congratulations to our Managing Director, Ms Low Seow Ling, whose efforts were recognised by the Judiciary.

During the Judiciary Volunteers Appreciation Lunch on 17 November 2023, Ms Low was presented a Certificate of Appreciation from the Honourable Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon of the Supreme Court of Singapore. Ms Low was commended for being one of the volunteers who have supported the Judiciary’s various programmes for litigants and court users.

In his speech, Chief Justice Menon commented:

One of our central priorities is our endeavour to enhance access to justice and to build a user-centric court system that meets the needs of our public. This is part of our broader mission to ensure that robust mechanisms are in place for the delivery of justice to all. In this tremendously important and worthwhile undertaking, we are assisted in great  measure by our corps of volunteers, who take on a range of work from conducting mediations to assisting litigants who cannot afford legal representation”.

Ms Low was one of a handful of lawyers who dedicated her time, energy and expertise to help make a difference through volunteer work. Throughout her years as a legal practitioner, she has made it one of her goals to reach out to as many individuals as possible with her educational talks on the need for proper estate planning.

She is also a firm believer in giving back to society by offering legal assistance, either on a low bono or pro bono basis.

We believe that Ms Low operates from two offices – a primary location at our registered address situated at the Singapore Shopping Centre, and an ad-hoc “office” at hospitals and hospices. Ms Low frequent between both “offices” to advise and assist patients in drafting their Wills. 

When approached by social workers for urgent requests for Wills to be done, Ms Low responds promptly, showcasing her commitment to providing legal assistance even on short notice. That said, Ms Low and her team do not encourage individuals to only think of their estate planning in their final moments. Proper planning is key to ensure that you receive effective and tailored advice to organise your affairs in order.

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